Flight Delays

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You got to the airport only to discover that your flight’s been delayed. Maybe you’re even going to miss your connecting flight. Many of us have been in this situation, but did you know that you can sue the airline for damages caused?


Israel’s Aviation Services Law (Compensation and Assistance for Flight Cancellation of Change of Conditions), 5772-2012 dictates what recourse passengers have in the event of a delayed flight.

What are my rights?

If your flight was delayed between 2-5 hours, Israeli law requires airlines or charter organizers to provide you with food and drink, as well as the option to communicate with your relatives, friends, etc. regarding the delay.

If your flight is delayed between 5-8 hours, you are entitled to the above Assistance Services, as well as the option to cancel your ticket for a full refund. If your flight is delayed overnight, you are entitled to lodging at the expense of the airline or charter organizer, as well as transportation to and from the hotel.

If your flight was delayed 8 hours or more, the rules concerning a cancelled flight are applicable and you may be entitled to cash compensation.

What about my damages?

In addition to the assistance, refund, and/or compensation due to you under Israeli law, you may be able to sue for other damages caused due to the delayed flight under the provisions of the Montreal Convention 1999.

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